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About Tost


In an effort to meet market demand and seek to be OEM-oriented, Tost Technology CO., LTD. was established to offer users better quality of optical fiber products as well as service, and to ensure the value of each brand and the market price system.

  • 高品質、有競爭力的價格及最迅速的交期是托斯特的目標。
    High quality, competitive pricing and the fastest delivery of optical fiber products are Tost’s goals.
  • 托斯特擁有專業的研發團隊。我們自行開發光纖模組,全新上市;多樣化的光纖模組,可應用在不同的作業環境,包括了標準型光纖、細長管型光纖、耐熱型光纖與耐彎曲型光纖等多樣化選擇。
    Tost’s professional R&D team develops optical modules of its own. A variety of newly-arrived modules satisfy the needs in differentiated work environments; the modules include standard, slender tube, heat resistant, flexible optical fibers, etc.


Tost boasts a comprehensive quality examination specification based on which our company conducts strict quality screening in accordance with each product’s nature. Individual product screening we spare no effect to carry out is made to protect every single customer’s rights and serve as guarantee of our products’ quality.


托斯特採用日系進口光纖絲,全程100%台灣設計組裝製造。產品完全依據 SOP標準作業流程製作;成品一律經過嚴謹的品檢流程。零缺失一直是本公司的最高遵循原則,同時可針對客戶的需求進行調整開發,並可完全客製化生產,以創造雙方共贏局面。

Tost adopts optical fibers imported from Japan and the products are completely designed and assembled in Taiwan. We remain committed to the SOP: final products must undergo conscientious and careful quality examination procedures. Our top priority is to manufacture detect free products; adjustments and developments also can be made in accordance with customers’ needs in order to create a win-win situation.


  • 高品質 High Quality

  • 高精度 High Precision

  • 高C/P值 High C/P Ratio

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Optical Fibers Imported from Japan


Taiwan High Precision CNC Connectors

高品質 SUS303 不鏽鋼接頭

High Quality SU303 Stainless Steel Connectors

100% 台灣設計生產製造

100% Designed and Made in Taiwan

全系列光纖成品均符合 RoHs 規範

All series of fiber-optic products conforming to RoHS specification


Packing, accessories and printing conforming to RoHS specification

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